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Q. Will I earn credits for classes completed abroad?

A. Yes. Participants receive CSU resident credit for all coursework successfully completed abroad. Each campus determines how courses apply to specific degree requirements; see your academic advisor.

Q. Can I work on completing my general education and major requirements through studying abroad with CSU IP?

A. Yes. Review your CSU degree requirements and select an IP program which offers classes aligned with your academic goals. Once admitted to the program, all students are required to meet with their CSU academic advisor to discuss proposed study abroad courses and how those courses can apply to their major, minor, general education or elective requirements.
Q. What classes can I take abroad?

A. To get an idea of what courses are available in various programs, refer to the IP Academic Bulletin for last year. However, you should note that areas of study and course offerings are subject to change from year to year.

Q. Will study abroad delay my graduation?

A. It is possible for students who start planning early and work with their academic advisors to graduate on time depending on degree requirements.