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IP Coordinators & Advisor Resources

CSU IP works in close partnerships with our campus IP Coordinators and study abroad advisors in order to successfully send CSU students abroad worldwide. CSU IP emphasizes long-term study abroad options, encouraging students to study abroad for an academic or calendar year, if possible. CSU IP also offers options for semester study abroad on select programs.


Each CSU campus has a designated IP Coordinator who serves as the main point of contact between CSU IP and their individual campus. The IP Coordinator is responsible for providing information regarding CSU IP to their campus students, study abroad team, and campus colleagues. They are responsible for completing the Home Campus Approval (HCA) for all completed student applications in the IP Portal (see below for further information). 

After serving in the role for three years, IP Coordinators have the opportunity to serve as a voting member of the Academic Council on International Programs (ACIP). IP Coordinators are elected by their peers annually at the CSU IP Workshop and serve on ACIP as representatives of all campus IP Coordinators, not as a representative of their individual campus interests. There is one IP Coordinator representative on each ACIP Committee. Committee responsibilities vary.

Additionally, IP Coordinator representatives are required to present at the annual IP Workshop and report out to their fellow IP Coordinators regarding the current year’s meetings.


CSU IP offers academic year, calendar year, and semester program options. Below you will find the application deadlines for each application cycle along with significant dates during the application season. CSU IP recommends that students apply by the priority deadline, as not all programs will be available for secondary and late deadline options. See the Application Timeline for details regarding important dates.

All student applications are reviewed by the Academic Council on International Programs (ACIP) Student Affairs Committee (SAC). The committee is comprised of faculty members from various CSU campuses, one IP Coordinator, and one CSU IP alum student member. Admissions decisions are review by the faculty and IP Coordinator using an application review rubric.

As part of the CSU IP application verification process, the applicants’ CSU campus study abroad office must complete the “Home Campus Approval (HCA).” The approval is facilitated electronically through The CSU IP Portal via the “Reviewer” function. The HCA confirms that the student is approved by their CSU for study abroad. HCAs are due one week following the application deadline.

CSU IP undergraduate participants who wish to continue their studies for a second semester or consecutive year may reapply using the CSU IP Extension Application in their CSU IP portal. Application deadlines are announced each semester. Applicants are required to request Home Campus Approval (HCA) as part of the application process.



Concurrent Enrollment at CSU Campuses
IP Coordinators are responsible for ensuring that their students going abroad are concurrently enrolled at their home campus for the terms that their students will be studying abroad. They also inform their Registrar Office of any enrollment changes (e.g., withdrawals). 

Effective Fall 2020, all students participating in any programs with an Intensive Language Program (ILP) will no longer require concurrent enrollment in a summer term preceding their fall term abroad. ILPs will be part of the fall term, and ILP units will be applied towards the students' fall term unit loads.

CSU IP recommends that IP Coordinators facilitate concurrent enrollment for IP participants with their Registrar Offices at least three months prior to the participant's first term abroad after students have made a commitment to participate in the study abroad program. Participant lists can be generated through TDS (Terra Dotta Software). 

Enrollment in Campus Courses While Abroad
Through their Study Abroad/International Education Offices at their home CSU campus, CSU IP students may be able to take online CSU campus courses while they are enrolled as full-time students abroad, depending on circumstances. For more information, refer to the "Academic Guide for CSU IP Participants" for the participant's year of study found on our Academic Information webpage

Academic Reports for CSU IP Participants 
IP Coordinators are copied on transmittal emails sent to their campus registrar/record office that contain academic reports for CSU IP participants who have completed their studies abroad. Transmittal emails are sent through MOVEit, a managed file transfer software solution for securing the exchange of data between the CSU Chancellor’s Office and the CSU campuses. IP Coordinators are able to view academic reports in TDS approximately one week after academic reports are transmitted to their campus registrar/records office. IP Coordinators without access to MOVEit are asked to refer to the two documents below that explain access to MOVEit.
  • MOVEit Access for CSU Staff: This handout provides instructions on how to access MOVEit for new users at CSU campuses.
  • Quick Reference Guide for CSU IP and Exchange Coordinators: This guide that covers the basics of retrieving documents that contain sensitive data from CSU IP that are transmitted through MOVEit. Note that IP Coordinators must use their personal CSU campus email address when using MOVEit. (Generic or shared email addresses must not be used.)


  • Need CSU P Portal training? Need an IP Portal login? Email to request advisor credentials and access. 
  • Want a CSU IP Study Abroad Advisor to attend your study abroad fair, information session, or campus event? Submit the CSU Campus Fair and Events Survey.