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San Marcos

California State University San Marcos

Campus Profile

California State University San Marcos (CSU San Marcos) is located in Southern California and has a campus enrollment of over 14,000 students. CSU San Marcos is located on 304 rolling acres in northern San Diego County where students benefit from a technology-rich environment, high quality instruction in a wide variety of academic fields and from the diverse cultural setting of Southern California. For international students, the San Diego region stands out as a desirable location combining ideal climate and academic rigor.

CSU San MarcosThe CSU San Marcos curriculum continues to develop an array of programs in the liberal arts and sciences while providing opportunities for student to develop into knowledgeable and skilled individuals living in and contributing to a global society. With an emphasis on teaching a curriculum with a global perspective and a commitment to community engagement, CSU San Marcos considers the student an active participant who works closely with faculty in the learning process.

Among the safest four-year campuses in California, CSU San Marcos prides itself on being fully engaged in the local area and in international communities. From its award-winning volunteer program (over 160,000 volunteer hours per year) to its institutes of excellence, CSU San Marcos provides many extracurricular opportunities for visiting students. As the main economic driver for North County San Diego, students will find a large number of businesses engaged in international commerce including: Biotechnology, Green Energy Production, tourism, sporting goods (golf) production and other forms of manufacturing.

CSU San Marcos offers many opportunities to enrich the lives of their students both on and around the campus. 

Below are samples of what this campus offers:       To learn more about CSU San Marcos, clicks on the link below.
- Clubs and Organizations                                        - Video: CSU San Marcos Overview
- Community Involvement                                         - Video: CSU San Marcos Aerial Tour
- Outdoor Adventures                                                - Video: CSU San Marcos Virtual Tour
- Sports and Recreation

Information for Exchange Students

​Campus Information
  • Academic calendar dates: Click on this link to view the most recent calendar under "Quick Links" or visit the campus website.
  • Campus-based fees charged to student: Fees for some courses, depending on the course, may be charged (e.g. lab fees). The majority of lecture courses will not require additional fees. Fee amounts and fees charged are subject to change.
  • Campus health insurance charged to student:  Estimated cost is $1,000 per semester. Cost is subject to change.
  • Housing: Click on this link to view campus housing information.
  • Transportation: Click on this link to view information about transportation. 
Admission Criteria
  • Minimum English proficiency score requirements: Click on this link to view.
  • Minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) to apply: 2.00 (based on 4.0 scale) or equivalent

Impacted (Closed) and Restricted (Limited) Subject Areas

Impacted (Closed) Subject Areas which are not available to exchange students: Business (ACCT); Education (all areas); Kinesiology (KINE); Nursing (NURS).

Restricted (Limited) Subject Areas where limited places are available and are highly competitive: Biology (BIOL); Biotechnology (BIOT); Economics (ECON), Special Permission needed for any 500 or higher level course request.

Impacted and restricted subject areas are subject to change at any time.