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California State University, Bakersfield

Campus Profile

California State University, Bakersfield (CSU Bakersfield) is located in a small town in Central California and has a campus enrollment of over 10,000 students. CSU Bakersfield is a diverse campus, with students, faculty, administration and staff representing a wide cross section of the multicultural experience. CSU Bakersfield is committed to diversity, service to its students and global awareness.

California State University, Bakersfield
Located on a 375-acre site in metropolitan Bakersfield, CSU Bakersfield offers over 40 undergraduate programs, and graduate programs ranging from global intelligence and national security to biology, biochemistry, business, economics, music and theater. 

The School of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Engineering is proud to be a vibrant and growing school. Its Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department is home to world-class Robotics, and a fascinating variety of high-tech robots. Students’ labs are equipped with the latest image-processing and Artificial Intelligence technology.

CSU Bakersfield offers many opportunities to enrich the lives of their students both on and around the campus. This campus features a state-of-the-art student recreation center, over 85 student organizations and clubs plus sporting events and on-campus performances. 

Below are samples of what this campus offers:
Clubs and Organizations                               To learn more about CSU Bakersfield, click on the links below.
Community Involvement                                - Video: CSU Bakersfield Overview
- Outdoor Adventures                                       - Video: CSU Bakersfield Virtual Tour
Sports and Recreation

Information for Exchange Students

Campus Information
  • Academic calendar dates: Click on the link to view the most recent calendar under "Quick Links" or visit the campus website.
  • Campus-based fees charged to student: Fees for some courses, depending on the course, may be charged (e.g. lab fees). 
    The majority of lecture courses will not require additional fees. Fee amounts and fees charged are subject to change.
  • Campus health insurance charged to student: Estimated cost is $600 per semester. Cost is subject to change.
  • Housing: Click on this link to view campus housing information.
  • Transportation: Click on this link to view information about sustainable transportation. 
Admission Criteria
  • Minimum English proficiency score requirements: Click on this link to view.
  • Minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) to apply: 2.50 (based on 4.0 scale) or equivalent.

Impacted (Closed) and Restricted (Limited) Subject Areas

Impacted (Closed) Subject Areas which are not available to exchange students: Nursing (NURS).

Restricted (Limited) Subject Areas where limited places are available and are highly competitive: Currently there are no restricted subject areas.
Impacted and restricted subject areas are subject to change at any time.