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Financial Aid

Federal Financial Aid can be used to pay for study abroad costs. In fact, 65% of CSU IP participants use federal student aid to help fund their study abroad.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA):

For information on applying for student aid, please click here.

California Student Aid Commission (CSAC):

For information on applying for Cal Grants, Middle Class Scholarships, Chafee Grant Program, California National Guard, and Law Enforcement Personnel Dependents, please click here.

Mandatory Fee Waivers

Established by the California Legislature and required by Education Code. CSU Campuses allow a limited number of undergraduate application fee waivers for residents of California. For students without lawful immigration status, who qualify for an AB540 non-resident tuition exception, fee waivers may also be available. Provisions for the waiver of mandatory CSU Systemwide fees are as follows:

  • Alan Patte (Education Code 68120 and 68120.5)

  • California Veteran (Education Code 66025.3)

  • Dependents of Victims of Semptember 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks (Education Code 68121)

  • Non-Resident California Students (Education Code 68130.5 and 68075.7)

  • Non-Resident Student with T or U visa that are victims of trafficking, domestic violence, and other serious crimes (Education Code 68122)

For more information about qualifying for a Mandatory Fee Waiver, visit the CSU Budget Office Mandatory Fee Waivers page.

Requirement Documents: Qualifying students must submit a letter of authorization. The letter must include the student's current academic year. These waivers will allow the student's state fee (tuition fee) to be waived from their total cost of attendance. 

CSU Employee Dependent Fee Waiver

CSU Employees eligible for the CSU fee waiver program may transfer their existing fee-waiver benefit of two courses or six units, whichever is greater, per term to a spouse, domestic partner or dependent child.

The following are general eligibility conditions to apply for the CSU Dependent Fee Waiver:

  • Dependent child is defined as child or stepchild under age 26 who has never been married.

  • The dependent must be enrolled in a degree or teaching credential program in the CSU, and fee-waiver course(s) must be taken for credit toward completion of that degree or teaching credential.

  • Fee-waiver eligibility may be transferred to only one dependent at a time, regardless of whether that individual uses the full entitlement of two courses or six units.

  • Eligible dependents may enroll using fee waiver at any CSU campus. The campus administration determines if space is available in the selected courses.

  • The dependent must maintain normal academic standards to continue participating in the fee-waiver program.

NOTE: To apply for the dependent fee waiver, the employee should complete the Dependent Eligibility Form (.pdf), fill out the employee and dependent sections and take it to HR Services.

More information on the CSU dependent fee waiver is available HERE

Contact your CSU campus fee waiver coordinator HERE for further questions/information. 

Required documentation from CSU IP for qualifying students:

1. Submit an approved CSU Human Resources form. The form must be requested and completed by the student's parent or legal guardian, and APPROVED by Human Resources.

2. Include in the form the student's current academic year. These waivers will allow the student's state fee (tuition fee) to be partially waived from their total cost of attendance. 

3. Submit documentation to the Office of International Programs Fiscal Affairs at