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Federal Financial Aid and Study Abroad

Federal financial aid can be used for your study abroad costs. In fact, 65% of all IP participants use some form of aid to help finance their year abroad. You may be eligible for additional financial aid and loans if the costs of your study abroad option are higher than the costs of staying at your home campus.

Whether or not you have ever received financial aid, you should investigate this possibility if you need additional resources to study abroad. If possible, make arrangements before you leave to have any extra aid or loan money automatically deposited into an account from which you can make withdrawals while you are overseas.

How Do I Apply for Financial Aid?
Visit the Financial Aid office on your campus. Only your home campus can tell you how much aid you will get and how and when your aid will be disbursed. All financial aid, with the exception of work-study, is applicable to the CSU International Programs (IP). 

Financial Aid Resources

Federal Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Be sure to file applications and all materials as soon as you can after the filing period begins (usually January 1 for the following academic year) and well before the deadlines indicated by the campus (usually in early spring). Because campuses have limited funds, students who file early have the best chance of receiving awards.

To find out if you are eligible for Federal Financial Aid click here for more details

California Student Aid Commission
The California Student Aid Commission is committed to making education beyond high school accessible. To learn about all Cal Grants and other forms of financial aid click here for more details.

The Smart Student Guide to Financial Aid
Click here and type "study abroad" in the search box.

Last modified 08/01/2017