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IP Staff and Contact Information

Leo Van Cleve, Director

Academic Services and Exchange

Renata Bouwmeester, Assistant Director
Marlene Ortiz, Academic and Exchange Services Coordinator

Fiscal Affairs

Nancy Tran Skoulphong, Assistant Director
Carolyn Esguerra-Castillo, Student Financial Specialist

Student Affairs

Kristy Sauerbry, Assistant Director
Julie Meurer, Program Advisor and Enrollment Specialist 
Danielle Escontrias, Program Advisor

IP Support Staff

Kia Ross, Administrative Assistant

Office Location and Mailing Address

CSU International Programs
401 Golden Shore, Sixth Floor
Long Beach, CA 90802

Tel: (562) 951-4790   Fax: (562) 951-4983

For CSU students with questions about

  • The reporting of their coursework from abroad: IP Academics.
  • Program costs, payments, IP insurance, and financial aid: IP Finance.
  • Applying to participate in an IP year abroad program: IP Student Affairs.

For CSU students interested in an IP program, first contact the IP Coordinator on your CSU campus.

For exchange partners regarding prospective, current or past exchange students who plan to study, are studying or have studied at the CSU: CSU Exchange.

For international students who have been nominated by their home university to come to the CSU on exchange: Contact the exchange coordinator at your home university.

Last modified 08/24/2018