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January 2023 Intake

The Fall 2022 intake is now closed. Refer to the information below for our upcoming January 2023 intake.

To get familiar with our campuses, go to our webpage, "CSU Campuses at a Glance". This page provides links to all campuses plus it has other information that will help partners and students with selecting campuses for exchange. 

Application for January 2023 and Application InstructionsPrior versions of the application will not be accepted. Applicants will be instructed to read the instrucftions while completing their applications to ensure that their applications are completed correctly.

CSU Campus and Course Selection Guidelines.  This document provides information on how to select campuses and courses (subjects). Brief course descriptions are available on all campus websites.

CSU Subject/Course Information. This webpage contains information on courses, the credit system used at the CSU, course levels and other information. Brief course descriptions are available on all campus websites. Course syllabi (outlines) are provided on the first day of class although some campus departments provide their syllabi online. Refer to the webpage for more information.  

English Language Proficiency Requirements.  This document explains the English language proficiency requirements for exchange applicants. Test scores should be submitted with the application. CSU campuses may request for original test results to be sent to them directly. 

Declaration of Financial Support.  Applicants are required to complete and submit this form with their application. Applicants should be prepared to submit actual proof of finances (such as bank statements) upon request, after being placed at a campus. This is necessary to show that applicants have liquid funds available to support them while on exchange. The host CSU campus will contact the applicant to confirm the amount of funds needed, explain what constitutes acceptable forms of proof of financial support and advise if other forms are required in order to be admitted to the campus. Documents must be mailed directly to the host campus. 

  • CSU Campus Costs and Requirements. This is a guide to help students select campuses that fit within their budget. It includes information on the financial amounts that campuses require as well as minimum grade and TOELT/IELTS requirements for each campus.
Student Health: Health/Immunization Requirements. Students attending CSU campuses are subject to immunization requirements. For further information, click on the above link for the Student Health website for the campus (or campuses) you wish to list on your application. It is important to look at the immunization requirements at the time you are applying to the CSU or at least six months prior to your scheduled arrival to your host CSU campus in order to schedule any immunization shots necessary.

Application Deadline Dates for January 2023

Deadlines CSU Campuses
 10 August        Fullerton, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Maritime Academy, San Luis Obispo**, San Diego and Sonoma. Late applications for these campuses will not be considered.
25 August Bakersfield, Channel Islands, Chico, Dominguez Hills, East Bay, Fresno*, Humboldt, Monterey Bay, Northridge*, Pomona, Sacramento*, San Bernardino, San Francisco*, San Jose*, San Marcos*, and Stanislaus*.
  *Late applications for these campuses may be considered until 15 September if spaces are available.
*The San Luis Obispo campus is the only campus that operates on the quarter system where three quarters equal to one academic year.