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CSU Transcripts

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about final CSU transcripts for incoming students who have completed their exchange at the CSU through the CSU International Programs.

Question: Do students or exchange partners have to request transcripts for each exchange student?

Answer: Exchange partners and exchange students do not have to order official transcripts. At the end of the student’s exchange period, the host CSU campus automatically forwards one official transcript for the exchange student to the CSU International Programs at the Chancellor's Office in Long Beach, California (not to be confused with the CSU campus in Long Beach).

Question: Will the CSU International Programs send transcripts directly to the student?

Answer: No. Transcripts are always mailed to exchange partners via courier. Note that transcripts for students from Denmark, France, Germany, and Mexico will be sent to the consortium/partner institution that holds the exchange agreement with our program. The consortium/partner institution will forward the transcript to student’s home institution.

Question: How long does it take for exchange partners to receive transcripts?

Answer: On average, it takes 6 to 10 weeks from the date that the last term attended officially ended for the exchange partner to receive transcripts. The CSU is aware of the importance of providing transcripts as quickly as possible. Students should refrain from contacting the CSU campuses in hopes of receiving transcripts sooner. Note that the CSU transcript will not be released if there is a debt on the student’s account.

Question: Is it possible to get more than one official transcript?

Answer: Yes, but students are responsible for ordering additional transcripts directly from their host CSU campus and for paying any fees associated with additional transcripts. Transcript costs can vary between campuses. Students can also obtain unofficial transcripts which may be less expensive or at no cost, depending on the campus. For instructions on how to order transcripts, students should contact the International Office at their host CSU campus or visit their host CSU campus website.