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CSU Subject/Course Information

When selecting a CSU campus and subjects/courses to study, prospective students and partners are advised to refer to the CSU Campus Profile webpages. At the bottom of each CSU campus webpage, "impacted" and "restricted" subject areas are listed, if applicable. Note that impacted subject areas are not available to exchange students, and restricted subject areas have limited places available to applicants and are highly competitive. Students and partners are also advised to review the document entitled “CSU Campus Selection Guidelines” which will assist applicants and partners with selecting appropriate CSU campuses for exchange.

Often the CSU receives requests for detailed outlines, syllabi or descriptions for subjects (units or modules which are known as "courses" in the CSU system). Partners and prospective participants should be aware that the 23 campuses are not required to provide syllabi on their websites or provide this information to them; CSU professors are not obligated to provide a syllabus to students before the first day of class. CSU IP asks that prospective exchange students refrain from contacting the campuses to make these requests.

Brief descriptions of courses, along with any prerequisites required, are provided in CSU campus catalogs, which can be found on each campus' website. A few campus departments may have some syllabi available on their department website; students are welcome to visit department websites to see if additional information is available. This can be done by going to the campus homepage and conducting a search of the department. Campus homepage links are available here.

Courses (subjects) at the CSU are given unique course identifiers that indicate the level of the course (undergraduate or graduate). To understand the course numbering system at each CSU campus, students can refer to the CSU Course Numbering System document found here. Students must select only undergraduate courses unless approval has been given to study at the graduate level at the time of application.

IMPORTANT: Courses listed in campus catalogs may not be offered every year or may be impacted or restricted. To find out if the subject area is impacted or restricted, please refer to the document entitled “CSU Campus Selection Guidelines” (above). Note that information is subject to change and that there are no guarantees that students will be able to get courses that are offered in any given year. Therefore, the key to a successful exchange to the CSU is flexibility.

Last modified 06/30/2016