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How to Apply

Interested international students who are pursuing degrees at one of our partner institutions are advised to contact the exchange coordinator at their home university about the possibility of participating in the CSU IP exchange. Participation can depend on various factors including the number of exchange places available at the CSU. (Click here to view the CSU Exchange Partner Institutions.) If places are available, then the exchange coordinator facilitates the selection process and nominates students for the CSU IP exchange.

Most exchange students begin their exchange at the CSU in August or September (our fall term). This means that students should approach their exchange coordinator about participating in exchange at least one year prior.

Applying to begin an exchange for any January term may not be possible since January intakes are open to partners by prior agreement. Interested students should consult with their exchange coordinator.

Nominated applicants will be required to complete a CSU Systemwide Student Exchange Application and will be asked to list up to four CSU campus choices. Applicants must realize that they are applying to the CSU system and can be placed at any one of our campuses based on available places at a campus, academic match and other factors. The CSU International Programs will have the sole discretion in selecting an appropriate campus for each student. Please visit the CSU Campus Profiles webpages on this website for information on each campus. To view a map with all CSU campus locations and access links to campus homepages, click here.

Nominated students will be required to submit the following documents as a part of the application:

  • English proficiency test score not more than two years old at the time of the CSU application deadline date, if applicable. (Review the English Language Proficiency Requirements here.) The host CSU campus may request original test results.
  • A photocopy of the student’s passport showing the student’s photo, full legal name and place of birth.
  • A one page "Personal Statement" which lists reasons why students have selected the campuses on their application, in their own words.
  • Transcripts from all post-secondary institutions and universities attended. The host CSU campus may request original, official transcripts.
  • Financial documents which verify that funds are available to support the student while on exchange. Financial documents are provided directly to the campus after a student has been placed at a campus. 

From the time a student expresses interest in this exchange until the student is placed at the CSU campuses, students should be in contact with their exchange coordinators at their home institution/exchange partner. Once a student has been placed and has been contacted by the host CSU campus, the campus and student are in direct contact. 

Last modified 12/20/2018