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Status of Inbound Exchange at the CSU: Spring 2022

Dear Exchange Partners and Applicants,

Spring 2022 Courses: CSU campuses plan to offer courses with face-to-face instruction, virtual instruction and a combination of both. Exchange students who participate in on-campus exchange will be required to enroll in some courses which have face-to-face instruction in order to comply with visa regulations. Therefore, students should be prepared to have many back-up electives approved by their home university advisors. Students are strongly encouraged to be in contact with the International Offices are their host CSU campuses regarding any questions they have about their exchange.

Housing: Exchange applicants should also be made aware that housing may be very limited at some campuses due to COVID-19 protocols. For this reason, applicants are urged to apply for on-campus housing as early as possible and/or seek off-campus housing options.

Visas: Please check with the nearest US Consulate or Embassy to get the latest update on the status of visa services and travel restrictions to the US. Here is a link to the US Department of State Visa Wait Times

COVID-19 Vaccination: The CSU made the decision to implement COVID-19 vaccination requirements (conditional on vaccines receiving approval) effective Fall 2021. Please read the article for details. Each CSU campus will provide information to J-1 students on how and where non-vaccinated students can be vaccinated after arriving to their host CSU campus, if there are exceptions to the vaccination policy, and quarantine protocols. If your students have not been given any information about immunization and COVID-19 vaccination requirements from their host CSU campuses yet, advise students to contact their host CSU campus for information.

Please check this webpage periodically for updates.

For more information about COVID-19 in California, please click on the links below.
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Prospective students may discover California virtually by going to the "Visit California" website. 
  • Click here to watch Visit California's "Dream with Us" video created before California reopened. 

(Updated 1/11/22)