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You Can Afford to Study Abroad

CSU International Programs (IP) provides one of the most affordable study abroad options to CSU students.  Regardless of where you choose to study next year (in California or abroad), certain costs will remain the same. For example, your CSU Tuition Fees and Campus-Based Fees will approximately be the same as your IP Study Abroad Fee. 

Differences in cost will depend on the cost of living, the local rate of inflation, the currency exchange rate, the length of the academic year, and personal spending habits.

Budget estimates have been prepared for each program to better assist you in planning for an entire academic year. Visit the Cost Comparisons or Programs section to see the budget estimates for each program. Actual program costs will be made available to you upon acceptance to the program.

CSU International Programs Estimated Cost of Attendance Compared to the Average CSU Estimated Cost of Attendance for 2018-2019

  CSU IP Estimated Cost Lower than the Average CSU Cost of Attendance CSU IP Estimated Cost Similar to the Average CSU Cost of Attendance  CSU IP Estimated Cost Higher than the Average CSU Cost of Attendance
  • Canada 

  • China

  • Ghana

  • Korea

  • Mexico

  • Spain (Jaen)

  • Sweden

  • Taiwan

  • Chile 

  • Germany (Direct Enrollment)

  • Germany (Learn Germany & Music)

  • Israel

  • Japan (Tsukuba)

  • Spain (Granada)

  • Spain (Madrid)

  • United Kingdom

  • Australia (all)

  • Denmark

  • France (Aix-en-Provence)

  • France (Paris)

  • Italy

  • Japan (Waseda)

Last modified 06/13/2018