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Study Abroad with CSU IP

Study Abroad with California State University
International Programs (CSU IP)

CSU IP is the system-wide study abroad program for California State University students. Operating from within the CSU Chancellor’s Office and serving the 23 CSU campuses, CSU IP offers a wide variety of academic year and semester-long study abroad programs for undergraduate and, in some cases, for graduate students. CSU IP is not only open to currently enrolled CSU students, but also to students eligible to transfer from a California community college.

Studying abroad benefits students in numerous ways that carry beyond the time at their home university. If you are a student considering studying abroad, think about the many ways the international experience can contribute to your personal, professional and academic development:

Study abroad enhances your education.
Study abroad adds a new perspective to your studies. You will see things from another point of view, which will help you to develop your analytical and critical thinking skills.

Study abroad builds your résumé.
In an age of global economies and information super-highways, the unique, international experience acquired while living abroad provides students with a competitive edge that sets them apart in the job market.

Study abroad leads to developing your self-awareness.
We sometimes impose limitations on ourselves, curbing our progress toward our goals. By leaving the familiar behind to encounter different people and places we gain a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

Study abroad teaches understanding of another culture.
Living and learning in another culture in the midst of the unfamiliar adds to our understanding of the variety of cultures in our world and gives us a maturity and perspective that can be gained in no other way.

CSU IP has something for everyone.

Begin your study abroad program search to find a program that fits your needs.

  • CSU IP has programs in over 15 countries around the world.
  • Courses are available for a variety of majors; including programs designed with specific majors in mind.
  • Class-level specific programs are also offered; including programs for graduate students.
  • While abroad, you can choose to learn a foreign language, study abroad in English or study in the country’s native language.

Review the Step-by-Step Guide to Study Abroad to get started.

Read the academic information to get an idea of the programs offered, eligibility requirements and the crediting process.

Meet with your IP Campus Coordinator throughout your decision-making process. Inform yourself about the online application. Plan to speak with your Academic Advisor to ensure that you fulfill all of the course requirements needed to graduate.

Be aware of application deadlines and understand that there is no application fee. You will apply online after meeting with your IP Campus Coordinator. Pay close attention application requirements, including providing university transcripts from all colleges and universities you have attended. 

Once complete, your application will first be reviewed at the home CSU campus by a local selection committee. The campus-based selection committee makes its recommendations to a systemwide CSU faculty committee, which makes final selection decisions on all candidates. Selection is based on academic, linguistic and personal qualifications, and on the appropriateness of the students' proposed plan of study to their degree objective. 

Studying abroad is affordable.

CSU IP is committed to providing programs whose costs are comparable to studying on a CSU campus. All campus financial aid is applicable (except for work study).

Read more in our Finance Section and learn how you can afford to study abroad.